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A waypoint is a location that you mark on the map. It can be an address, an existing map feature, a point of interest, an empty spot on the map, or any other point you want. You can use waypoints to mark places like your favorite restaurant, a friend's house, etc.
You can mark waypoints directly on the map or by using the Find feature. You can also transfer waypoints to MapSource from a Garmin GPS device. MapSource allows you to set your waypoint preferences to change the default method for displaying waypoints.

You can edit waypoint properties after they have been marked. You can select multiple waypoints in the Waypoints tab and view or change their properties as a group.
Waypoints are shown on the map and in the Waypoints tab. Select a waypoint in the Waypoints tab to highlight the waypoint on the Graphic Map.

Waypoint Tips

• You can create waypoints in MapSource or transfer them from a Garmin GPS device.

• To display a waypoint on the Graphic Map, right-click on that waypoint in the Waypoints tab and select Show Selected Waypoint on Map.

• You can perform a variety of tasks by right-clicking a waypoint in the Waypoints tab. See Waypoint Shortcut menu for more information.

• You can save waypoints in a file on your computer. See Saving Your Data for more information.

For more information on waypoints, see the following topics:

Using the Waypoints Tab
Creating Waypoint Categories
Marking Waypoints
Editing Waypoint Properties
Moving Waypoints
Using Customized Waypoint Symbols
Setting Waypoint Preferences

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